5 Benefits of Dental Implants from the Best Dentists in Corona, CA

There has been vast improvements in dental care in the past decades, but thousands in the Corona area still suffer tooth loss every year.This is mostly due to tooth decay, gum disease, or accidental injury. Years ago, the only treatment options available for people with missing teeth were bridges and dentures. Today, dental implants are available.

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. They can either provide a strong foundation for permanent teeth, which can be made to match your natural teeth. If you have lost a tooth or several teeth, don’t just leave an empty space. There are many advantages to dental implants, including:

Improved appearance. Dental implants look and feel like your own teeth. And because they are designed to fuse with bone, they become permanent. This will boost your appearance and your self esteem; no more covering up a toothless smile!

Easier eating. Sliding dentures or large gaps between teeth can make chewing your favorite foods difficult. Dental implants function like your own teeth, allowing you to eat chewy or tough foods with confidence and without pain. Not only will this keep you happier, it’ll help you stay healthy and nourished as well.

Improved speech. With poor-fitting dentures, the teeth can slip within the mouth causing you to mumble or slur your words. Missing teeth also make saying certain sounds difficult. Dental implants allow you to speak without this worry.

Durability. Dentures can be lost or broken, requiring you to buy a new pair. Implants are very durable and will last for years. With the proper care, many implants last the rest of your life- just like natural teeth.

Convenience. Removable dentures are just that: removable. This means they can slip, move around, fall out, get lost, and more. Dental implants eliminate the embarrassing inconvenience of removing dentures, as well as the need for messy adhesives to keep them in place.

At Absolute Dental we promote dental care for everyone, including those who need dental implants. We can accommodate all patients, even those needing immediate dental assistance or emergency care.  No matter what dental problem you might be facing, our dedication and professionalism to our patients is our first priority at Absolute Dental near Corona, CA. We encourage you to learn more about our doctor online. If you have any questions call us today at 951-739-7770.

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