Early planning for adolescent orthodontics in Corona leads to optimal outcome

When children are young, the thought of future orthodontic treatment usually doesn’t cross parents’ minds. The recommendation of the American Dental Association is, however that dentists begin performing orthodontic evaluations on patients around the age of six. At this age, children are beginning have their first permanent teeth grow in. These early evaluations help your dentist identify any problems quickly, checking the way in which teeth cut through the gums, are positioning themselves, and fitting into the overall jaw structure. The importance of early orthodontic evaluations goes beyond maintaining an attractive smile; problems with alignment in children have the potential to lead to snoring, sleep problems, and breathing issues.

Early orthodontic treatment may not consist of braces, but is seen as more an introductory phase, during which teeth eruption patterns can be improved and the outcome of future orthodontic treatment can be facilitated. When children are evaluated and treated for early spacing issues and other possible problems, future treatment may be less complicated and time consuming. 

The second phase of orthodontic treatment is the actual application of the most suitable form of braces. Dr. Ami and her associates at Absolute Dental offer conventional orthodontics as well as Invisalign. Our goal is to provide options and devise a treatment plan that will accomplish the desired results. When early evaluations are a part of regular dental care, this phase can be approached more easily. Primarily, your dentist has the ability to monitor and actually guide the growth of permanent teeth by ensuring there is enough space for teeth to grow in properly. Space expansion often eliminates the need for extractions, creating long-term benefits often not discussed, such as delaying the aging of the face.

Orthodontic evaluations can also be beneficial in areas not typically identified. Research shows that more than fifty percent of children said to have ADD are actually affected by airway issues brought on by malocclusion, or a bad bite. Airway issues may cause sleep disturbances in children, which often produce behavioral issues such as poor concentration and hyperactivity. Catching bite issues could lead to improvement in breathing and sleep, and avoid a misdiagnosis that has far-reaching effects. 

There are many benefits to beginning orthodontic checkups with your dentist at an early age. Dr. Ami and her associates at Absolute Dental are here to help you, and your family, enjoy optimal oral health. Contact our office for your consultation.

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