Making adult orthodontics more appealing for our Corona and surrounding-area patients

Millions of adults are living with an appearance that lowers their confidence. Not just those in high-profile positions deserve a beautiful smile. Our society places great importance on the beauty of the smile, which is directly tied to the appearance of our teeth and gums. The silver lining to this is that it is possible to improve your image by correcting issues that affect your smile, rather than invest in expensive cosmetic procedures. Enhancing your smile by straightening your teeth is simple with multiple options for adult orthodontics available in our Corona area practice.

Traditional braces have been a part of dentistry for decades, and are still used today in many situations. The main issue with metal braces is aesthetics. Although the sharp edges of metal brackets tend to cause a bit of discomfort, this is easily handled with a wax covering. The look of metal braces, however, simply cannot be changed. For adults, the idea of going about daily business with such appliances on their teeth is enough to put off improving their smiles. Straightening teeth, however, is important to appearance as well as oral health.

Crooked, crowded teeth, or those that are spaced too far apart, encourage bacterial activity by causing tiny crevices. In these hard to reach spaces, food can also become lodged, providing ample food source for harmful bacteria. Living with bite issues, as well, can cause jaw dysfunction, making it difficult to chew properly or speak clearly. Misalignment can also lead to irritation of the joints at the back of the jaw, causing pain and discomfort.

When necessary, we recommend standard orthodontics even for adults. Although many people today are fine candidates for Invisalign treatment, a more popular approach for adults and teens alike. A number of benefits come with this aligner method of straightening teeth. In addition to being highly discreet, Invisalign aligners are very comfortable, easy to care for, and removable for eating and brushing teeth.

Using Invisalign, adults can achieve their desired smile without the appearance of metal in the mouth. Dr. Shah makes a careful assessment of the teeth and jaw structure, and evaluates the bite in order to determine whether Invisalign can solve the orthodontic issues at hand. If suitable, treatment begins with the creation of a series of custom aligner trays, to be worn at all times, except when eating or caring for teeth.

Wearing braces in adulthood may not seem appealing, but the benefits of a beautiful, straight smile far outweigh the temporary treatment program. We can help you achieve your healthiest smile. Contact us for more information on adult orthodontics in the Corona area.

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