Benefits of early root canal therapy with your Corona dentis

Learning that root canal therapy is a necessary treatment can cause a bit of anxiety, even for patients who do not have dental phobias. Over the years, this beneficial therapy has become synonymous with discomfort, leading many people to fear the procedure. However, root canal therapy is designed to preserve a tooth that has been extensively damaged, eliminating pain or, in some instances, preventing it.

Frequently, the benefits of root canal therapy with your Corona dentist are immediately seen. Often, the need for this treatment does not become apparent until pain has developed. In order to eliminate pain, the infected pulp must be removed. Under such circumstances, it is easy to understand the need for treatment. There are times when a patient will visit his or her dentist for a regular checkup, feeling fine. In this instance, hearing that root canal therapy is necessary can be confusing.

Part of dental check-ups is to view teeth in x-ray films. Sometimes, we will be able to see damage before it has become painful. Should Dr. Ami see the need for root canal therapy, she will take the time to show you exactly where the problem lies, and explain why the recommended procedure is necessary. Our approach is to act in the most conservative manner possible. When root canal therapy is advised, it is because no other treatment will avoid impending infection and pain.

Root canal therapy does not have to cause anxiety or stress. Dr. Ami is extensively trained and has ample experience in performing this routine procedure. Our patients receive adequate local anesthetic and feel no pain throughout treatment. All that is felt is the light pressure of the dentist's hand.

We feel strongly that your experiences at Absolute Dental should be positive. If you are anxious at the thought of receiving root canal therapy or any other treatment, speak with Dr. Ami about your options for sedation.

Treating the root canal to preserve a tooth does not have to involve painful infection. Catching damage early, before pain develops, is ideal. To keep your smile looking and feeling its best, maintain six-month dental check-ups with Dr. Ami in our Corona area practice.

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