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The best type of treatment for dental issues is prevention. Although not all dental emergencies can be avoided, there are steps you can take to minimize certain risks of dental trauma. Dental emergencies may occur during a sporting or recreational activity, and can involve not only the teeth, but also the gums, lips, tongue, and cheek as well. Wearing a mouth-guard during activities that make physical contact likely protects these tissues and minimizes the risk of trauma. Teeth and soft tissues can also be protected by avoiding biting on hard substances like popcorn kernels, ice, and hard candies, and by opening objects with proper tools instead of teeth.

When an accident does occur, it helps to know what to do to preserve a tooth or quickly repair soft tissues. We make every effort to provide the best emergency dentistry in Corona and surrounding areas by arranging same-day appointments. If you are experiencing intense pain in a tooth, soft tissues, or jaw, contact our office for assistance. We will see you as soon as possible, and provide relevant help in the interim. Some of the issues that may require urgent care include:

Bitten tongue or lip
After gently cleaning the injury, apply a cold compress and light pressure. This should decrease any bleeding and minimize swelling. If bleeding persists, a visit to the emergency room is necessary.

Broken tooth
A tooth can be broken or chipped from a hard object or physical contact. If a tooth is broken, rinse with warm water to cleanse the area. Contact our office and apply a cold compress to reduce swelling.

Object Caught Between Teeth
Should food, or an object, become stuck between teeth, gently floss to remove it, taking care to avoid injuring gum tissue. Only floss should be used, never a sharp instrument. If the object cannot be dislodged, contact us to arrange a visit.

Toothaches are the most common dental emergency. They are usually quite simple to handle. Cleansing the tooth with warm water, and flossing, will remove any food that may have become lodged between teeth, and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash will reduce bacterial activity. However, these steps will not ease pain caused by a deep cavity or other tooth injury. It is important to contact our office to remedy a toothache so that the underlying cause can be addressed. Use only the recommended painkiller, such as Anbesol on oral tissues, as other painkillers such as aspirin may burn gum tissue.

You are never alone in a dental emergency. If we cannot see you immediately, we will provide the necessary information to assist you until your appointment time. Contact us at (951) 739 7770.

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