Giving children their best experience in family dentistry in Corona

Learning great oral hygiene habits is a process that begins very early in life. In addition to creating good at-home practices, children develop better attitudes when they become acquainted with their dentist under good circumstances. For many adults, early dental experiences were unpleasant, leading to apprehension and, in many cases, a lack of regular dental visits. Dr. Shah views our young patients as special, due to the fact that we are helping them form their impressions of dentistry. In our office, your children will be treated to the best family dentistry in Corona in an effort to promote oral health and positive feelings towards professional dental care.

Ideally, children will first meet Dr. Shah by accompanying a parent to their dental appointment. In taking this step, children see that Mom or Dad is calm and relaxed during dental care, and see Dr. Shah in action before becoming a patient. As this is not possible for every young patient, we suggest that parents facilitate their child's dental visit by preparing ahead of time with the following steps:

  • Approach a child's dental visit with calmness and confidence. When parents are at ease, children will be also. If necessary, drop by our office to meet our staff and, if possible, Dr. Shah, before the day of your visit.
  • Take care when sharing dental information with children before their visits. Offering too much information can lead to greater anxiety, as can telling stories of past dental traumas. Handle your child's visit with a positive attitude, answering questions clearly but without adding details. Allow us to explain to your child when necessary, as we have a great deal of experience in effectively communicating with children in a way that calms anxiety over treatment.
  • Avoid provoking fear by telling a child that dental visits are scary or painful.
  • Speak of your child's dentist as the person who will help him or her keep teeth healthy and pain-free.

Most children feel a bit anxious when facing a new experience such as dental visits. Working together, our staff treats our young patients with the special type of care they require, always letting them know they are in the best of hands.

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    Estella Gomez

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  • "I'm very excited with the reality of soon having that nice smile that I've only seen on others. RICKY!"

    Rickys, Perris

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