Find relief from anxiety and dental problems with sedation dentistry near Eastvale

Out of every four Americans, three experience some degree of anxiety when faced with the need for professional dental care. While some people feel the flutters of butterflies in their stomach before a visit to the dentist, others cannot bring themselves to get the dental care they need because they are so fearful. We believe there is never a good reason to put off getting the proper care for your teeth and gums. You deserve a healthy, beautiful smile, which is why Dr. Ami Shah offers sedation dentistry for her patients from Eastvale and surrounding communities. 

At one time, sedation in dentistry was reserved for oral surgery procedures. Today, sedation is widely used by dentists who understand the degree to which many people harbor fear of treatment. We offer various forms of sedation to patients, including nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation. Some of the benefits that come from sedation dentistry include:

  • Freedom from anxiety and fear. A high percentage of people put off visiting the dentist until a problem sends them in for extensive care. It is thought that at least ten percent of people in need of dental care avoid necessary treatment due to fear, even when a dental problem is causing them pain. The use of sedatives during dental treatment eliminates feelings of fear and anxiety, and leaves a patient feeling calm and relaxed.
  • Greater comfort is also possible with sedation. Some sedatives have a pain-reducing effect, but a person with a physical condition like limited range of motion in the neck or jaw, or TMJ disorder, will find that the inclusion of sedation in dental treatment allows for the relaxation that facilitates comfort in sitting or holding their mouth open.
  • Sedation can calm a gag reflex, enabling the person with a strong reflex to undergo dental cleanings and other forms of dental care.
  • Control over body movements is elevated with sedation. Some medications can cause unexpected muscle movements. Under sedation, these movements are diminished, allowing safe, comfortable treatment to be completed.
  • Sedation not only calms nerves, but also has the power to wipe out memory of treatment. For people who wish to undergo safe, comfortable treatment, and not remember their time in the dental chair, sedation is ideal.
  • Time can be maximized with sedation dentistry, allowing you to complete multiple procedures in a single visit.
  • Post-treatment comfort is elevated when sedation is used. This is due to the fact that muscles are more relaxed and therefore less prone to soreness after treatment.

The whole point of sedation used in our Norco dental office is to create better dental experiences. Whether you are anxious about professional dental care or you would like to complete lengthy treatment in a single visit, we create a setting that works for you. 

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