Composite veneers from your Corona area dentist greatly enhance the smile

Dental veneers have the capability of completely transforming the smile. Absolute Dental offers both porcelain veneers and composite dental veneers as a way to meet the needs of our patients in Norco, Corona, and the surrounding areas.

Veneers crafted of composite resin are different; treatment can be completed in just one visit, rather than two. The procedure requires no tooth preparation, as composite veneers are bonded directly to the tooth or teeth to be treated, while a porcelain veneer is a custom-designed shell of material made in a dental laboratory. This difference in the procedure makes composite veneers immediately attractive to those who wish to avoid the permanency of the alternative.

Like porcelain veneers, the composite material bonded directly to teeth is customized to correct specific concerns. Some of the cosmetic issues that are corrected with composite dental veneers include:

  • Discoloration - Some stains do not respond to teeth whitening treatment, in which case dental veneers can significantly improve the brightness of the smile. However, composite resin is not resistant to stains, as porcelain is. This means that oral hygiene is important to the longevity of a smile enhanced in this manner.
  • Chips or cracks - Teeth may become damaged by physical injury, weakened by wear and tear or the effects of acid erosion. Chips and cracks can be covered quickly and affordably with composite veneers, shaped directly into the damaged area for perfect proportions.
  • Gaps between teeth can be closed through the process of bonding veneers to the teeth on each side, enlarging their proportions to ideal measurements. Rather than undergo orthodontic treatment for gaps, you can receive veneers as an affordable alternative.

When enhancing the smile, we maintain a focus on creating a naturally stunning appearance. Dr. Shah has not only the technical skills, but also the artistic eye to craft composite veneers into the ideal shade, shape, and proportion to bring your smile to its most beautiful state. Taking coloring, your smile line, and symmetry into account, we are able to achieve the optimal outcome of treatment.

Dental veneers of either porcelain or composite resin are excellent smile enhancers. Contact Absolute Dental to rejuvenate your smile.

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