Cosmetic dentistry treatment with your Corona dentist gives you a naturally beautiful smile

The consequence of an attractive smile, with bright, straight teeth is that you feel more confident in your appearance. Many of the patients who visit with Dr. Shah discuss ways in which their smiles can be improved. Our office has assembled some of the best cosmetic dentistry services, allowing our patients from Corona and surrounding areas such as Eastvale to experience smile enhancement as they wish. One of the questions that most people have when considering cosmetic dentistry is how natural their new smile will look.

The goal of making cosmetic improvements to the smile is to elevate its attractiveness, while preserving a natural appearance. Whether she does so by covering imperfections with porcelain veneers, or replaces a missing tooth with a dental implant, Dr. Shah is dedicated to ensuring her patients’ natural smile is maintained. Your experienced, highly trained cosmetic dentist knows that you want your smile to stand out for all the right reasons. Your smile should not be noticed because teeth are too bright, or because they are not properly sized. When making enhancements to your smile, Dr. Shah takes into account your natural facial structure and complexion, and works within these boundaries for a naturally beautiful result. 

There are various cosmetic procedures that can improve the look of the smile. If your smile has been affected by persistent discoloration, powerful, professional teeth whitening can remove years of stains, reaching into enamel to break up stain molecules. Teeth that have been broken or cracked, or are slightly misaligned, or spaced too far apart, can be transformed through the customization and placement of porcelain veneers. Porcelain is a material that looks so similar to natural enamel that one tooth can be treated to look exactly like surrounding teeth. Most cosmetic problems that affect the smile have multiple fixes. Missing teeth, for instance, can be replaced with conventional denture appliances, either partial or full, or with dental implants, considered the only permanent tooth replacement. 

Dr. Ami Shah provides patients with gorgeous, natural looking restorations and cosmetic enhancements. Her work results in a noticeable difference in smiles, elevating patients’ confidence in their appearance. If you are ready to feel more confident in your smile, we can help. Contact Dr Ami Shah and her team of associates at Absolute Dental practice to find out more.

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