Restoring Beautiful, Functional Smiles with Crowns and Bridges in Our Eastvale Dental Office

Dental crowns are used to cover a damaged tooth and a dental bridge is used to replace a damaged teeth. At Absolute Dental we provide cosmetic dentistry in Eastvale, CA to restore the natural smile of your teeth and ability to speak and chew properly.

Dental Crowns in Eastvale, CA

Dental crowns are used as solitary restorations to cover a damaged tooth, or as part of a dental bridge, to fill an empty space left by a missing tooth. When even one tooth is missing, the entire oral structure is impacted. Finding the optimal form of replacement quickly decreases the risk of shifting teeth or bacterial activity. Whether with a dental implant or a dental bridge, the goal is to effectively:

  • Promote functional speaking and chewing.
  • Restore optimal appearance to the smile, maintaining attractiveness.
  • Ensure the appropriate distribution of bite force.
  • Protect facial contours through proper supporting structure.
  • Prevent shifting of surrounding teeth.

Dental Bridges in Eastvale, CA

Dental bridges feature two dental crowns and a pontic (artificial tooth). This treatment is typically completed in two visits. During the initial visit, the teeth on each side of the empty space are modified for the placement of the dental crowns before an impression is taken. This impression is used by the dental lab to guide the creation of the permanent dental bridge. The fabrication process takes about two weeks, during which time the patient will wear a temporary bridge.

When the permanent bridge is ready, the patient returns to our office for the placement. Dr. Shah will put the bridge into place by affixing the dental crowns over the prepared anchor teeth. The pontic lies between, sitting on top of gum tissue. By using the stability of the teeth on each side of the gap, a dental bridge can function optimally for years.

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