Factors of dental anxiety and how to handle visits with your Corona dentist

If you harbor fear of dental visits, you may feel completely alone in anxiety. In reality, dental phobias affect millions of people. Rather than listen to those who might tell you everyone is afraid to visit the dentist, find a dentist who understands your feelings. Dr. Ami treats many patients with dental anxiety in our Corona area practice, all with the level of compassionate care they deserve.

Feeling nervous should not cause you to neglect your oral health. In addressing your specific fears, you take steps towards receiving the dental care necessary for healthy teeth and gums. Some of the common factors that lead to dental anxiety include:


No one relishes the idea of being in pain. Those who fear that dental visits will be painful have likely had unpleasant experiences in the past. Today, there are multiple tools and techniques used to minimize discomfort significantly during treatment, from the use of numbing ointment before anesthetic is applied, to Dr. Ami's gentle hand. Even those with fear of an injection can learn to relax and receive dental care calmly in our practice. With the proper application of numbing gel, injections can be totally painless.


Many patients have a strong gag reflex that inhibits comfortable care. Gagging during dental treatment can be embarrassing, and can lead to feelings of anxiety. Speak with Dr. Ami regarding your concerns if you have a strong gag reflex. Several measures can be tried, such as sitting up during procedures when possible, or the use of anesthetic spray before treatment. The majority of issues with gagging can be effectively overcome, so you never have to avoid receiving care for this reason.

Extent of care

Those with dental anxiety may avoid visits to the dentist for years, sometimes decades! In such circumstances, the common fear of extensive treatment may arise. It is our priority to return oral health to its optimal state. Today, a variety of treatment options can save damaged teeth, and innovative methods for treating gum disease are available. Should extensive care be necessary, remember that the result will be a healthier mouth, more beautiful smile, and decreased pain.

At Absolute Dental, you never have to fear undergoing dental treatment. Dr. Ami and her staff provide gentle care under local anesthetic, and we also offer sedation in various forms so that you can get the care you need.

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