Dental bridges from your Corona dentist restore more than attractiveness

Teeth are designed to achieve a number of goals. In addition to kicking off the entire digestive process, teeth are also highly valuable to the maintenance of facial contours. We have all likely noticed a person without all of his or her teeth, and the sunken appearance that they display. This is not due to aging; it is due to the lack of support for the face without sufficient tooth structure. The loss of even a single tooth affects both oral health and appearance. This problem, however, is easily solved. Dr. Ami and her associates are skilled at the creation of custom dental bridges, enabling our patients from Corona and surrounding areas to feel confident and comfortable in their smiles once again.

Today, patients have more options for tooth replacement than have been previously available. Even with the development of high quality dental implants, many people opt for tooth replacement with dental bridges. They are not temporary solutions, with proper care they can last for many years. A well-designed dental bridge is intended to meet the various needs filled by natural teeth. Some of the goals met include:

  • Restoration of clear speech and functional chewing
  • The natural beauty of the smile is retained
  • Surrounding teeth are prevented from shifting, further affecting the smile
  • Facial contours are well-supported
  • Bite force remains evenly distributed throughout the arch

A common type of dental bridge is the fixed bridge, which is a non-removable appliance. The fact that it is attached to two natural teeth separates it from a partial denture, which is a removable appliance. The process takes place over two visits, with the first focused on the preparation of teeth for the new bridge. A fixed bridge is built on two dental crowns, which are designed to fit over the two teeth adjacent to the gap. In the dental lab, these two crowns are fused to an artificial tooth, called a pontic. This tooth will lie in the gap, able to absorb bite force while looking very natural. With two natural teeth as anchors for the complete bridge, the appliance has substantial stability.

Because there is a waiting period between the preparation of teeth for crowns and the placement of a permanent appliance, temporary crowns cover the prepared teeth so that sensitivity is kept to a minimum or prevented entirely. In a second visit, the temporaries are removed and the permanent bridge is affixed after proper fit has been confirmed. Although not viewed as the permanent tooth replacement that implants are, a dental bridge often lasts more than a decade.

Dr. Ami and her associates can help you restore your best smile. Contact our office today.


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