Benefits of gold dental crowns and bridges from your Corona dentist

Absolute Dental offers a number of budget-friendly treatment options when you want to perform a tooth restoration such as a dental crown or bridge. Nowadays there are several choices of material that can be used for the fabrication of dental crowns and bridges. Our Corona, CA area patients benefit from these options, which are cost-effective and long lasting.

In addition to cost, most people consider aesthetics when determining the best restorative treatment. We all deserve to feel confident in the appearance of our smiles, and there are tooth-colored restorations to help you maintain an attractive smile. There are situations, however, when the look of a dental crown is less important than its strength. Front teeth, for example, are immediately visible in the smile and are typically treated with porcelain or ceramic crowns. Molars that require a crown or bridge, however, may be best restored using gold as the primary material.

Gold was one of the earliest materials used for dental restoration, and remains one of the best materials available today for crowns, inlays, onlays, or fillings. Unlike other crown materials, gold can last a lifetime. This precious metal is ideal for the repair of a damaged tooth due to its natural biocompatible nature. This means that a gold crown will not cause any irritation to soft tissues, or any allergic response. Gold crowns contain no mercury, and are discreet when used in the back of the mouth.

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