Undergoing the dental crowns procedure in our practice near Eastvale restores a beautiful smile

Dental crowns are restorations that are typically associated with repair of damaged teeth. Crowns can, however, also be used to protect a weakened tooth from sustaining damage. Some people benefit from dental crown treatment on an aesthetic level, as well.

When recommending dental crowns as a restorative procedure, our intention is to recreate the most durable tooth structure possible. Our patients from Eastvale, Corona, and other nearby communities can rely on Dr. Ami's expertise, feeling confident that their dentist is concerned with both repair and cosmetics. You deserve to feel good about your smile, and we craft dental crowns to promote your overall beauty.

Through the course of dental history, dental crowns have been made from a number of different materials. From very early on, gold crowns have been used to restore full strength to teeth damaged by large cavities, injury, or treated with root canal therapy. Gold crowns are not nearly as prominent in appearance as one might imagine, blending in nicely in the back of the mouth. This choice of material is beneficial due to the fact that gold crowns are some of the strongest, best-fitting restorations made to date.

Crowns may also be made from metal alloy material, which is less expensive than gold, but not quite as strong or attractive. Crowns made from metal alloy may be covered with porcelain for a more pleasing appearance, but are not likely to last as long as gold crowns. Typically, a metal alloy crown will last anywhere from five to fifteen years.

Porcelain has historically been thought of as quite fragile. However, dental crowns can be crafted from very strong porcelain, leading to long-lasting strength without affecting the attractiveness of the smile. Porcelain is a popular dental material due to its natural appearance and characteristics. Looking and functioning very much like tooth enamel, porcelain dental crowns offer a seamless transition from tooth to tooth, appearing shiny and translucent, as one would expect.

At Absolute Dental, our priority is restoring smiles to their healthiest, most beautiful state after damage has occurred. Our gentle, effective techniques lead to better dental experiences, and great smiles. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ami.

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