Maintaining the most natural oral structure with dental implants from your Corona dentist

Unfortunately, the loss of permanent teeth is a common problem, with the risk increasing with age. Because there are so many factors that impact our teeth and gums, there are several reasons a person may experience permanent tooth loss. Poor oral hygiene and the presence of advanced periodontal disease is just one of the problems that may cost a person his or her teeth. Compromised health, certain medical treatments, and traumatic injury are also reasons for tooth loss. Regardless of what leads to the loss of teeth, there is hope for the restoration of a healthy, youthful smile. Dr. Ami Shah, with years of training and hands-on experience, can restore health, beauty, and functionality to your smile after you have lost permanent teeth. 

The premier option for tooth replacement today is dental implants, which are commonly requested in our Corona dental practice. When you imagine tooth replacement, you may picture an artificial tooth, the portion of the tooth that you see when you smile. In reality, dental implants are much more than standard tooth replacements. These artificial teeth contain multiple parts, replacing not only the crown of the missing tooth or teeth, but also the natural structure that is lost below the gums. 

The importance of the root

We do not commonly think of the entirety of our teeth. What we see is what gets attention. Each tooth is, however, attached to the jawbone. This is how our teeth remain stable and functional. The biting force that takes place during chewing is transferred from the roots of teeth to the bone tissue of the jaw. Rather than wear down the bone, this transfer of force stimulates the ligaments and muscles around the jaw, promoting a healthy structure. 

When a tooth is lost, the root structure is also gone. In the absence of stimulation during chewing, which can only take place through the root, the bone in the jaw gradually melts away. Although conventional forms of tooth replacement are still used by many today, this option replaces only the crown of the missing tooth. Therefore, conventional dentures, which rest on the gums, do not aid in jawbone retention. 

Treating missing teeth with dental implants is ideal for several reasons. Because implants involve the insertion of a titanium post directly into healthy jawbone, the root is replaced along with the visible portion of the tooth. Therefore, during chewing, bone tissue receives the stimulation it would with a natural root, and jawbone structure is preserved. This design is comfortable, secure, and healthy. 

Dental implants can be used individually, but also make the ideal accompaniment to a conventional denture appliance. With her extensive experience, Dr. Shah can help you regain function and natural beauty after tooth loss. 

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