Dental implants, available in the Eastvale area provide lifelong results with proper care

Treatment with dental implants, whether for the replacement of one tooth, several, or all teeth, provides immense benefits. Though other treatment options are available, none can compare to the capabilities of implants.

The primary difference in this option is an implant replaces not only the lost tooth, but also the root system. The result of this restorative treatment is a firm, natural foundation for artificial teeth that facilitates comfortable, confident chewing and the preservation of jawbone structure. An implant is made of corrosion-resistant material. However, there is good reason to maintain a high level of oral hygiene. With gentle daily care, the dental implants received from your Norco and Eastvale area dentist can last a lifetime.

Dental implants are dependent on healthy surrounding structures for support. When we consider implant treatment, we assess the oral tissues and jawbone structure, as each plays a vital role in the success of implants. In some instances, gum disease or bone loss is addressed before the placement of implants, to facilitate longevity. The health of gum tissue remains top priority even after implants are inserted into the jawbone, as inflammation can lead to infection, which can damage the overall oral structure.

Clearly, the longevity of dental implants is dependent on sustained oral health. Fortunately, Dr. Shah and her team provide excellent dental care and pertinent information to help you enjoy your healthiest teeth and gums. Oral health comes from the elimination of harmful bacteria that feed on sugars and starches left after meals. Every time you brush and floss teeth, you wash away their food source, and much of the bacteria that threatens teeth and gums.

Keeping teeth and gums healthy after dental implant treatment is as easy as caring for natural teeth. Dental professionals recommend using non-abrasive toothpaste and a nylon-bristled toothbrush to avoid abrasions on gums and crowns or dentures. Regular dental check-ups with Dr. Shah and professional cleanings top the list of hygiene practices for lifelong oral health with dental implants.

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