Maintaining dental veneers keeps your Corona smile beautiful for many years

When our teeth are cracked, chipped, discolored, or poorly proportioned, chances are we will not feel our best when we smile. Smiling is an act that brings joy to others, and makes us feel good due to a boost in feel-good peptides. If you want to feel good about your smile so that you may do more of this wonderful act, dental veneers with your Corona dentist may be a treatment that you wish to consider. 

Veneers may be direct or indirect. Direct veneers are made from composite resin material and formed directly on the teeth. Indirect veneers are designed and made in a dental lab from high quality porcelain material. Once porcelain veneers are completed, they are assessed for proportions, size, shape, color, and fit before they are bonded to the teeth being treated. One of the considerations that people make when planning cosmetic dental treatment is the longevity of porcelain veneers.

When we think of porcelain, we may tend to assume this material is quite fragile. In instances where porcelain has been used throughout history to craft beautiful vases and dishes, the finished product typically did need to be handled with great care. Modern porcelain used in dentistry is stronger than what may be on Grandma's antique butter dish. The veneers crafted by master ceramists can withstand the force of chewing and biting quite well. Still, some precautions should be taken to retain the results of veneer treatment.

Porcelain veneers are very thin. Bonded to teeth, this material rejuvenates the look of teeth, and can mask an array of cosmetic problems. Although the bond between veneers and teeth is strong enough to handle biting and chewing, the tensile strength is there to a lesser degree. What this means to those with porcelain veneers is simply that biting with a twist should be avoided. Think of biting on taffy or jerky. The force coupled with the twisting motion could affect the bond necessary for long lasting beauty. With proper care and use, porcelain veneers make a wonderful enhancement to the smile, offering long lasting results that you can feel proud of. Dr. Ami and her associates have years of experience perfecting smiles using veneers and other cosmetic treatments. Contact Absolute Dental today to discover how you can get your best smile.

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