Your dentist in Corona is your partner in great oral health

Because your dentist is the person who cares for the health of your teeth and gums, a feeling of trust and comfort is necessary. Otherwise, you may put off necessary visits, prolonging dental conditions that could cause extensive damage. Dr. Ami Shah makes every effort to communicate clearly with each of her patients after carefully listening to their concerns and goals. The creation and maintenance of your best smile takes teamwork, which cannot happen when trust is lacking.

One of the ways in which Dr. Ami, your dentist in Corona, excels in patient care is her understanding of patients who harbor great fear of dental treatment. If you feel intense anxiety at the thought of receiving dental care, you are not alone. However, you are at risk of needing a greater degree of care once you finally bring yourself to visit a dentist. The best way to avoid the anxiety that can go hand in hand with dental visits is to be vigilant about oral health, including a check-up and professional cleaning every six months. 

To make dental visits tolerable when you feel overly anxious, you may request the use of nitrous oxide during your treatment, even if it is simply a dental cleaning or single filling. Studies have found that once an anxious patient begins receiving regular care with the help of sedation, at some point he or she will be able to obtain care without anxiety at all.

For complex treatments, or to complete a number of procedures in a single visit, our patients might prefer IV sedation, which allows them to relax comfortably and feel no discomfort or fear of treatment.

Both forms of sedation work in similar ways, and each is safe and effective, proven from years of use in the dental setting. Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas, due to its ability to produce mild feelings of euphoria. When treated with nitrous, you will be awake during the treatment and be able to respond to Dr. Shah and staff. While you will not sleep, you will feel very relaxed and free of anxiety. An added benefit of the use of nitrous oxide in dental treatments is there are no lasting effects, which means you can drive yourself to and from dental visits.

IV sedation is delivered through a tiny needle, promoting deep relaxation. Patients are constantly monitored throughout treatment to ensure their safety. Due to the longer lasting effects of IV sedation, it is necessary to have a ride to and from dental visits.

By working with Dr. Shah, you can trust that all of your dental needs will be handled gently and compassionately.

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    Estella Gomez

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    Rickys, Perris

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