Using partial dentures in our Eastvale area practice for healthy, beautiful smiles

For every person, the smile is an integral part of personality and image, regardless of age. Through the mouth comes communication both verbal and unspoken, with this feature one of the most important in making a first impression. If several teeth are missing, the natural tendency to smile and laugh may be inhibited, leading to a false impression of shyness, or even unfriendliness. Missing teeth may lead you to smile less, or to cover the mouth in situations where teeth may show. These habits impede interaction with others, and can eventually lead to a decrease in self-confidence. You can feel good about your appearance, and improve oral health, by replacing missing teeth with partial or full dentures in our Eastvale area practice.

All teeth are necessary for full function and aesthetic. Even a single missing tooth will alter the structure of the mouth, with surrounding teeth shifting in response to the empty space. If several teeth are missing, there is an increased risk of bone deterioration over time, a development that affects the entire face and can complicate replacement efforts if not addressed quickly. In addition to supporting the digestive process through chewing, teeth also lend support to facial structure. Hence, when several teeth are missing, the face will begin to look sunken and aged. Dentures can stave off the progression of bone loss, restore function, and preserve a youthful aesthetic.

Dentures, both full and partial, have been a well-known replacement option for decades. Most often, full dentures are immediately thought of, but only applicable when all teeth are missing or need to be removed. Partial dentures are actually used quite often, leading to improved function and a naturally beautiful smile. With the variety of high-quality materials and techniques used today, a denture looks just like natural teeth, and fits comfortably.

There are two styles of partial dentures, one of which is sometimes referred to as a fixed bridge. This fixed partial denture is secured into place through the placement of two dental crowns, affixed to the teeth on each side of a gap. In between the two dental crowns lies an artificial tooth or teeth that sit on top of gum tissue. This denture appliance is highly aesthetic, comfortable, and able to withstand the pressures of chewing.

A partial denture may also be removable, facilitating both at-home and in-office cleanings. Removable partial dentures may seem convenient in the area of oral hygiene, but this option tends to feel less stable than the fixed type.

We believe you deserve to live in a healthy, gorgeous smile. If you are missing a tooth or teeth, we can restore function and beauty with suitable treatment. Contact us to address your dental issues in a caring environment.

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