Common emergency requiring dental work from your Eastvale CA area dentist

Considering what may constitute a dental emergency, most people tend to think of some sort of injury in which a tooth is damaged or knocked out. We rarely consider a toothache to fall into this category of dentistry. However, severe tooth pain is indeed the most common type of dental emergency today.

Dental pain, which will typically require emergency dental work from your Eastvale CA area dentist, may occur in one of several ways, with every person unique in his or her own experience. Common dental pain may feel like:

  • Intense sensitivity upon eating sugary foods, or when exposed to warm or cold temperatures.
  • A dull ache.
  • Throbbing pain.
  • Diffused facial pain.
  • Local pain within a tooth or root area.
  • Pain in an adjacent area, such as the ear, called referred pain.

Toothaches, in many instances, can be avoided. We advise our patients of the recommended oral hygiene practices that will sustain healthy teeth and fight off harmful bacteria. Carefully brushing teeth at least twice a day, if not after every meal, significantly improves one's chances of avoiding the development of cavities and subsequent sensitivity. Daily flossing provides a crucial added layer of protection against dental diseases, including gum disease.

The chances of spontaneous tooth pain can be reduced with maintained six-month dental check-ups. This time frame allows us to catch any potential problems in their earliest stages, often before any uncomfortable symptoms occur.

In the instance that you do experience a persistent toothache, contact our office right away. Dr. Ami has the expertise and techniques to provide the compassionate care needed during this time. Until your appointment time, a toothache can be treated at home by gently brushing and flossing teeth, and rinsing the mouth with warm water. Typically, over the counter pain relievers can decrease discomfort. These types of medications should never be directly applied to oral tissues. Only topical solutions specifically for toothaches should be used in this way.

Though anti-inflammatories or pain relievers may take the edge off of a toothache, prompt dental care is the only permanent solution to pain, as the underlying issue must be addressed.

Get through any dental emergency without a great deal of stress. Contact our office for prompt attention to your dental needs.

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