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If you live in Corona, or a nearby area such as Eastvale, Fontana, Chino Hills, or Mira Loma, to whom do you turn in the event of a dental emergency?

The urgent need of dental care is not something we often consider. Dentists are typically available during normal business hours, and appointment times are made during those times. Dr. Ami goes above and beyond the norm. As an emergency dentist in the Corona area, she makes herself available for patients as needed for the treatment of dental emergencies.

Dr. Ami is an extensively trained dentist, surrounded by a supportive staff with excellent skills in patient care. Absolute Dental is a practice that can provide dental care quickly and with a great deal of compassion. Whether you experience an urgent dental need at eight in the morning or eight at night, we encourage you to contact our office for immediate assistance.

A number of situations may constitute a dental emergency. We tend to think of the traumatic loss or injury of a tooth the primary reason one would need urgent care, but this is actually one of the less-common reasons we see patients on an emergency basis.

Most urgent dental situations involve a toothache that is unrelenting, or progressively getting worse. The pain may be due to infection. A tooth may have become fractured from an old amalgam filling or after being weakened by a large cavity. Some people experience swelling, pain, and bleeding around the gums, causing great concern. Whatever the situation causing you distress, you can feel better just in knowing that your dentist is here to help when you need it.

Absolute Dental is a dental practice in Corona that provides excellent care through a variety of services. Should you visit us with a dental emergency, Dr. Ami will carefully assess your teeth and gums, determining the most appropriate treatment to relieve pain and restore strength and beauty to the smile. We may take dental x-rays to help determine the underlying cause of pain. Treatment such as a dental filling, crown, or root canal therapy may be advised, or a tooth may be extracted. Our services encompass the various circumstances that may present problems.

Our goal in dental emergencies is to solve the problem at hand quickly. We do take our time with you, even if we have fit you into our schedule. Your visit will not be rushed. After providing immediate care to restore a greater degree of oral health, we will follow up with you as needed to promote healthy teeth and gums.

Dr. Ami and the staff at Absolute Dental provide gentle, effective dental care. Contact us today to schedule your dental check-up.

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    Estella Gomez

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  • "I'm very excited with the reality of soon having that nice smile that I've only seen on others. RICKY!"

    Rickys, Perris

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