Handling a dental emergency with excellent dentistry services near Corona - what to do if you lose a filling or crown

Fillings are dental restorations that have long been used to repair teeth damaged by cavities. The common filling material is dental amalgam, which looks like a silver material in a tooth. A dental crown is a full restoration that looks like a tooth. This “cap” is cemented over damaged tooth structure to restore strength and a nice aesthetic. Though these restorations tend to last for many years, there are instances that may cause a filling or crown to loosen or fall out. This type of dental emergency can be handled with prompt dentistry services from your dentist near Corona.

Although losing a filling or crown can be distressing, repair is possible, and there is no real threat to the underlying tooth structure. What makes this type of situation feel urgent is the pain or sensitivity that can occur due to the exposure of the tooth. If a crown is lost, it can be saved, put in a safe place, and brought to our office for evaluation.

The loss of a filling or crown may not immediately produce pain or other symptoms, but prompt dental care should be sought. The natural tooth structure that lies beneath the restoration is not as strong as it should be, and further damage may occur if the tooth is not treated promptly. Taking certain steps after the loss of a filling or crown can help relieve the stress of the situation.

  • Pain relief can come from the application of clove oil to the sensitive tooth. Over the counter pain relievers may also provide pain relief, but this is not a substitute for professional dental care.
  • A crown may be able to fit back over the tooth until an appointment can be made with your dentist. If replacement is attempted, the inside of the crown should be thoroughly cleaned before store-bought dental “cement” is applied. Dental cement for crown replacement can often be purchased in a pharmacy. An alternative to cement is denture adhesive, though neither of these replacement tips is a permanent fix.
  • It is never safe to attempt crown replacement with any type of household adhesive, and never use Super Glue.

Professional care for a lost filling or crown is essential for successful repair. Your dentist can assess the underlying reason for the loss, and address that issue. For instance, a filling may have fallen out due to a fracture in the tooth. In this case, the tooth may be best repaired with a dental crown or composite resin filling versus an amalgam filling. Finding the cause for loss leads to an appropriate repair, which provides long-lasting function and comfort.

Dr. Ami can help you handle dental emergencies with compassionate care. Contact Dr. Ami and her associates for your appointment at Absolute Dental.

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