Family dentistry treatment near Eastvale and good habits keep your family smiling

Nothing warms the heart like a happy smile, especially when it is on the face of your child. Alternatively, seeing your child suffer from a toothache is difficult. Many people view dental problems as a common occurrence both in childhood and in adulthood. In truth, many of the issues we face, such as cavities and gum disease, can be prevented.

Early dental care in family dentistry near Corona

Keeping your children smiling doesn't take much, but it does take consistency. It is important to find a family dentist with whom you and your child feel very comfortable. Dr. Ami is loved by her patients for the fact that she provides personalized care, relating to adults and putting children at ease. Absolute Dental is a family practice offering state-of-the-art treatments without forgetting the importance of excellent, compassionate care.

Our dental team views our patients as a part of our dental family, and provides care to that extent. When treating children of any age, we keep in mind that the habits created in childhood can become lifelong practices. Positive experiences in the dental office are critical to the formation of good habits. Our staff strives to make visits fun, productive, and non-stressful.

Education goes a long way

Although in-office treatments are important to sustained oral health, the habits that patients keep at home are vital to the health of teeth and gums. We view education and demonstration as some of our most valuable services. When you know how to care for your oral health, and why it is important to avoid dental problems, you are empowered. This is true for people of all ages.

From very early on, Dr. Ami and her associates work with families to help children develop good habits, so that smiles are protected from harmful oral bacteria. Even in infancy, oral care is an important practice to maintain daily. Even before the first teeth become visible, babies' mouths can be cleaned with a soft, moist cloth after feedings. Professional dental care begins as soon as the first teeth erupt from the gums. From this point on, your dentist will monitor the growth of teeth and the prevalence of cavities, tailoring preventative care to your child's needs.

Dr. Ami and her associates have extensive experience in treating all sorts of dental problems. With ongoing preventative care, it is our hope to help your family avoid the common pitfalls like cavities and gum disease.

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