Early visits to your family dentist in Corona sets children off in the right direction

There are quite a few lessons we want to make sure our children learn. We teach them to be kind, to wash their hands before they eat, and to sneeze into their arm instead of their hand. Parents understand that learning lessons early in life pays off with a lifetime of good habits. At Absolute Dental, your children can benefit greatly from early care with theirfamily dentist in Corona.

Early childhood dental care is important not only for its immediate benefits, but also for children's dental future. Our young patients are a treasure in our office. We take their dental experiences to heart, striving to show them that visits to the dentist can be fun and productive. What we do with children sets the tone for how they will feel about visiting the dentist throughout their life. Understanding this, we make the most of each visit, not only handling dental needs but working with patients and their parents to instill healthy habits at home.

Dr. Ami and the team at Absolute Dental encourage six-month visits for patients of all ages. In children, seeing the dentist every six months can help them keep their smiles healthy and happy because this timing allows us to catch any problems such as cavities when they are still minor. During check-ups, we may also demonstrate to parents and children how to properly brush and floss teeth so that harmful bacteria are successfully removed. We may recommend fluoride or sealants for patients who seem to be prone to cavities.

The way in which teeth are cared for at home is pivotal in children's overall oral health. At Absolute Dental, we discuss common dental issues with parents so that they may work with children in the comfort of their home to ensure teeth are being adequately cared for. Parents learn nutritional habits that promote oral health, and may discover if their child may benefit from orthodontic treatment. 

Receiving early dental care not only helps children avoid the pain and inconvenience of cavities. Regular dental check-ups have been shown to lead to better oral hygiene habits throughout life. We look not only on the need for dental care in the given moment, but understand that the level of care we provide should also encourage children to continue lifelong good oral care habits.

Dr. Ami and her associates offer gentle, child-friendly care to our young patients. Contact our office today to schedule your family's dental check-ups.

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