Your family dentist near Eastvale sees you through life changes that impact oral health

When visiting your family dentist, you can expect excellent monitoring of oral health, and guidance on hygiene practices that will promote healthy teeth and gums. We all benefit from daily brushing and flossing, practices that decrease the number of bacteria that pose a threat to enamel as well as soft tissues. Though these are standard practices regardless of age, your family dentist in the Eastvale area understands that there are times in which an increased level of care is needed.

According to current statistics, more than half of adults aged 55 and over have periodontal disease. Those in this age bracket are also at an increased risk for gum recession, a condition in which gum tissue separates from tooth structure. Our patients are carefully monitored for gum disease during each dental check-up, and treated promptly for any sign of disease. In this way, the health of the teeth, gums, and body are protected.

Each year that we grow older, our bodies undergo biological changes. As we produce less collagen, we see fine lines and wrinkles develop. Our joints may become stiff as they hold less moisture. Our mouths also respond to certain chemical changes that occur in the body. In a study published in Nature Immunology, we find that, as we age, the chemical Del-1 is decreased in the body, which increases our risk of gum disease.

We cannot stop our bodies from growing older. Understanding the changes that take place in the body through different stages in life allows you to promote oral care through proper hygiene and healthy food choices. Crunchy fruits and vegetables, for instance, naturally clean teeth and gums, while calcium-rich foods sustain strong, healthy teeth.

Working with Dr. Ami, you can experience your healthiest smile through every stage of life. Our patients are encouraged to visit us every six months so that any sign of disease can be quickly detected and promptly treated. During these visits, professional cleanings are also provided. Our practice is equipped with the specific knowledge, tools, and techniques to help you maintain optimal oral health.

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