Tips from our family dentistry practice in Corona for the prevention of childhood dental problems

Dr. Ami and the staff at Absolute Dental provide gentle, personalized care to each patient. One of the goals we have for our younger patients is the preservation of healthy tooth structure. Primary teeth, although they will fall out, are vitally important. These teeth are placeholders in the growing arch for permanent teeth, which are forming below the surface of gums. Damage to primary teeth, when excessive, can lead to problematic permanent teeth, requiring extensive dental care later in life.

To give your child his or her best chance at optimal oral health from infancy, consider the following tips from our family dentistry practice in Corona:

  • Begin caring for your baby's oral health by cleaning the gums with a moist cloth after each feeding. This will remove harmful bacteria and help your baby get used to the oral hygiene process.
  • Bedtime bottles should contain only water. Giving juice or milk at bedtime, and allowing your child to go to sleep immediately following a bottle, or sip from the bottle throughout the night, increases the risk of early cavities, as sugar remains on teeth for many hours.
  • Tooth brushing begins with the first erupted tooth, using an infant toothbrush.
  • Dental visits begin by 3 years of age, if not before. Check with your dentist to determine the best time to bring your child for his or her first check-up.
  • Teach your child the positive side of dentistry, portraying his or her dentist as a helpful, caring professional who takes care of teeth.
  • Teach your child effective oral hygiene techniques. Have fun with the process so that your child is encouraged to brush and floss. Your dentist can provide helpful tips on teaching your child to care for his or her teeth. Children learn from what their parents do. Let your child see you brush and floss your own teeth. They will follow your example.
  • Check your child's teeth after he or she brushes to ensure that there is no sticky substance or small particles of food remaining.
  • Talk with your child about what happens when teeth are not properly cared for, including cavities and toothaches, as well as bad breath.
  • Provide healthy snacks that are low in sugar. Natural, crunchy foods are great for cleaning the teeth. Snacks like celery and carrots, nuts, and dairy products all promote healthy teeth and gums.

Children who learn the importance of oral hygiene early in life maintain healthier habits and regular dental visits for prolonged oral health. Contact Absolute Dental to schedule your family's dental check-ups.

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