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The issue of missing teeth has long had a solution: dentures. A denture appliance, either full or partial, is designed to restore functional eating and speaking, as well as appearance. Although this conventional treatment for tooth loss has some advantages, there are also a number of drawbacks associated with dentures. 

The problem with dentures

Dentures, made from high quality resin, are designed to fit snugly around the gums. The theory behind dentures is the appliances are held in place by the suction created between gum tissue and the denture. What looks good on paper isn’t always practical, as we have seen with traditional dentures. The problem with this theory is that lower dentures are often difficult to fit due to the size of the bone in the lower arch. The problem with fit is further exacerbated when bone deteriorates over time, and dentures lose whatever fit they did have. Over the life of a denture, several adjustments may need to be made.

Innovative technology provides a solution

Dental implants were first developed more than thirty years ago, paving the way for millions of people to have their smiles restored to near natural function. These small, titanium cylinders act as replacements for missing roots, which is what makes implant treatment superior to other procedures for tooth replacement. With just a few implants, a denture appliance can have the stability needed for optimal chewing, clear speech, and, best of all, ultimate confidence. 

Dr. Ami and her associates at Absolute Dental offer mini dental implants. In our office in Corona, we have seen the immense benefits patients have experienced after securing dentures to these tiny prosthetics, which are smaller than conventional implants. Some of the advantages of mini implants include:

  • A minimally invasive procedure that is comfortable and quick.
  • Success is possible with less bone density due to the small size of mini implants, making this a suitable choice even for those who have experienced bone loss.
  • Mini implants can immediately hold your denture appliance, allowing you to get back to life as you know it right away.

The team at Absolute Dental is committed to excellence. Contact us to learn more about our services, or to schedule your consultation.

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