Dental Crowns and Bridges in Norco, CA

Dental crowns and bridges are a form of dental restoration that can either encompass a damaged tooth, or replace a missing or extracted tooth. When used as a protective method for an existing tooth, a crown is typically held in place using long-lasting dental cement. When used to replace a missing or extracted tooth, these restorations can be anchored into place using a titanium dental implant.

At Absolute Dental, our doctors will use only the best materials for your dental crown. Most of the time we use and recommend porcelain or zirconia dental crowns in order to remove all metals from the crown and provide the most natural looking teeth available.


A dental crown is a dental restoration that is used to protect a single tooth. When a tooth has been weakened by trauma or decay, the dentist can reshape the tooth by removing the damaged or weakened area, and then place a crown over the remaining structure. The benefit of a dental crown is that not only does the crown look just like your tooth, it will function just like your tooth; providing a durable surface for biting and chewing.

Crowns are made using porcelain, a combination of porcelain and non-porous metals, or gold.


Dental bridges are a form of dental restoration that is used to replace two or more missing teeth. The name, "bridge,” is used because this dental restoration functions as a bridge over a gap, and uses the adjacent teeth as bridge supports. If the span of missing teeth is wide, a dental implant may be placed to support the middle of the bridge.

When wearing dental crowns or bridges, special care must be taken when brushing after eating to remove food and bacteria that has lodged in the tiny space between the crown and your gum line. In addition, incredibly sticky foods, such as taffy and caramel, should be eaten with caution, as these foods have sometimes caused crowns and bridges to pull away from the teeth. When cleaning your teeth, pay special attention to the crowns and bridges to make sure that these areas are especially clean and free of food particles.

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