The advantage of Oral sedation in dentistry Norco

Dr. Ami Shah and associates provide gentle oral sedation dentistry for the Norco, Mira Loma, Eastvale, Corona, Chino Hills, and Riverside neighborhoods, as well as the surrounding areas. Sedation helps patients who have dental anxiety, or those who need extensive work, relax and get the care they need comfortably. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is available for those who would prefer, and IV sedation is offered for patients with more severe anxiety. Oral sedation is great for patients who need calming before they reach the dentist's chair.

Oral sedation can be used to achieve different levels of sedation, depending on the dose given. A mild sedative will be given in a small dose to achieve light sedation, which provides a heightened sense of relaxation and comfort. Higher doses are given to achieve a moderate level of sedation. With moderate sedation the patient remains responsive, but with a decreased level of consciousness. Moderate sedation is typically used for patients undergoing lengthy procedures, and those with high anxiety levels.

Frequently, oral sedation results in patients having little to no memory of the dental procedure. The amnesic effect of oral sedation and the simplicity of taking a pill rather than wearing a mask or using a needle make it the most popular form of sedation. Oral sedation is considered safer than IV sedation, and has a low incidence of adverse reactions. The dental team at Absolute Dental practice monitors sedated patients to ensure their comfort and safety.

The doctors will get a complete medical history from the patient before determining the suitability of oral sedation. Factors such as chronic or recent health conditions and medications the patient is taking are considered before sedation is prescribed. It is important that the doctor be informed of smoking, alcohol consumption, and nutritional supplements, as these things may interact with the sedative.

Oral sedation has terrific benefits for patients who have dental fear, a strong gag reflex, and those who have difficulty getting numbed with local anesthesia. Those with tight time schedules can have more work completed in a single long appointment, without fatigue, when sedated. Even patients who simply want to be more comfortable during their dental treatment can benefit from oral sedation.

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