A Partial Denture is an Economical Way to Replace Missing Teeth

There are many reasons a person may lose teeth, extraction, gum disease, decay, and trauma are a few of the most common causes. Many people don't seek restoration of missing teeth unless the gap shows in their smile. This is unfortunate, because missing teeth can be replaced using one of several options, dental bridges, implants, or dentures. If you need to replace only a few teeth, partial dentures can be a great option. For partial dentures, Norco, Corona, Eastvale, Riverside, and Chino Preserve residents can turn to Dr. Ami Shah and associates at Absolute Dental practice.

Partial dentures (also just called partials) can be a temporary, interim, or long-term dental solution. They are an aesthetic and functional restoration for the patient that is missing some teeth (partially edentulous). Partials are frequently used as a temporary measure, such as during the healing period of a dental implant procedure. They are a great interim solution when a patient expects to have a major dental procedure performed in the future. For patients seeking a low-cost long-term solution to missing teeth, partials are an excellent choice.

Missing teeth are a common dilemma for many people, providing a source of embarrassment as well as affecting their oral health and quality of life. Lost teeth can cause a number of problems:

  • They can affect your ability to chew, forcing you to resort to soft foods. This can interfere with digestion and nutrition.
  • Adjacent teeth can shift into the gaps, affecting alignment and bite. Misaligned teeth increase the risk of periodontal disease, wear on the opposing teeth, and jaw pain.
  • The remaining teeth are subjected to greater chewing pressure, increasing the risk of premature wear and fractures.

Partial dentures require very little, if any, tooth preparation, making them a relatively easy procedure for the patient. This, when combined with the comparatively low cost, make them a very attractive and effective treatment option for missing teeth. They may feel a little strange at first, but patients become accustomed to them within a couple of weeks. An excellent oral hygiene routine is necessary to prevent decay, with special attention given to the teeth that anchor the partial.

If you think a partial denture may be the solution to your dental concerns, call (951) 739 7770, or email absolutedental08@yahoo.com to schedule a consultation. At Absolute Dental practice, Dr. Ami Shah and associates will give you the excellent care you deserve.


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