Creating permanent stability to dentures with implants near Eastvale

The way in which dentists approach tooth replacement has changed significantly over the past few decades. Although dental implants were first used more than forty years ago, this new trend in restorative care is still gaining popularity. There are several reasons a patient may choose to replace missing teeth with a removable denture appliance. In the end, each form of treatment has its own advantages.

For some people, conventional dentures may be the most suitable tooth replacement option. Dentures tend to cost a bit less than implants, and do not require a surgical procedure. When teeth are replaced with dentures, no time is needed for the prosthetic to heal within the jawbone; new teeth are in place and usable within weeks. Implants also require certain characteristics within jawbone tissue to be successful.

Dental implants, on the other hand, offer significant benefits over conventional dentures alone. Once healed within bone tissue, Implants are permanent fixtures in the jaw. Their nature provides the most natural, most stable replacement of natural teeth.

Both dentures and dental implants have advantages in tooth replacement. Together, these two treatments allow more people to restore natural function and beauty to the smile. Rather than choose one or the other, patients can enjoy the benefits of the combination of the two. A conventional dental bridge or denture appliance can be affixed to a few strategically placed dental implants in a design that offers superior function.

At Absolute Dental, Dr. Ami Shah performs a thorough consultation with patients seeking tooth replacement. During this visit, she listens to the patients’ needs and concerns. Dr. Ami discusses the various forms of treatment, detailing dentures as well as dental implants. Our friendly dental team will help you determine if dental implants are the right treatment for you, and help you with your financial arrangements.

The dental care that we provide is tailored to each patient, leading to the kind of personalized care each person deserves.

Don’t let missing teeth affect your smile and oral health. Contact Dr. Ami and her associates at Absolute Dental and discover your best tooth replacement treatment.

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