Quality dental care and hygiene maximizes the lifespan of bridges from your Corona dentist

Losing a permanent tooth is a big deal. It can affect your mood, your habits and you might be afraid of smiling again. Absolute Dental can help you replace your missing tooth and recover your old habits and increase your mood.

Some patients believe that if the missing tooth is not visible when smiling then is not required to have it replaced. Keep in mind that every tooth has a function like properly chewing your food, control the ability to speak clearly and to maintain your beautiful smile.

Dentists have long used dental bridges to restore form and function after a tooth or teeth have been lost. In our Corona dental office, we design dental bridges around patient's unique needs. Often fixed bridges make the most sense for long lasting function and beauty.


An important element of any type of restorative care is longevity. We want our patients to enjoy their smiles for as long as possible. Without dental implant support, a bridge is not likely to last an entire lifetime. However, this restoration can last fifteen years or more with proper care.

Cleaning Your Dental Bridge

Bridges require only a bit of care outside of the normal oral hygiene routine. Because a fixed bridge is situated on two permanent teeth, but sits on the gums in between, it is important to ensure the area beneath the artificial tooth is cleaned daily.

Brush Your Teeth

Twice a day brushing must be complemented with flossing using a special flossing tool to reach the area under the bridge.

Talk to a Dental Bridge Dentist in Corona, CA.

Tooth loss does not have to cost you your smile. Call us today at 951-739-7770  for your consultation with Dr. Ami or one of her associates for quality dental care.

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