Is there an alternative to root canal therapy with my Eastvale area dentist?

Root canal therapy is a very common dental procedure. People typically find that they need this form of treatment after they have experienced a persistent toothache, although there are times when extensive damage is seen on x-rays before pain develops. Because root canals tend to follow a toothache in most instances, this beneficial treatment has long been seen as painful. In reality, the root canal procedure itself does not cause pain for our patients from Eastvale and surrounding neighborhoods, the existing infection causes the pain.

Teeth are susceptible to damage in a number of ways. Primarily, the activity of oral bacteria leads to infection in the root canal, where the dentin and pulp lie. The most commonly seen condition is a large cavity. Cavities form when tooth enamel is weakened by harmful forms of bacteria that collect into plaque. If not treated early, damage continues to invade the tooth, until the inner area becomes exposed and pain develops.

Infection may also develop because of gum disease, which is also caused by oral bacteria. In gum disease, aggressive bacteria collect in the tiny areas where teeth and gums meet. Sometimes, pockets form around teeth, exposing the root to microscopic bacteria, which invade and cause infection.

Another possibility is that a tooth will become infected after it has been injured. For instance, if a tooth is chipped or broken, the dentin and pulp may become exposed, increasing the risk of infection simply due to the bacteria that live on teeth.

Whenever a tooth experiences pain, it is a signal to contact your dentist for treatment. Treating pain promptly allows Dr. Ami to repair it in the most conservative way. A small cavity can be fixed with a filling. Larger cavities may be repaired with inlays, onlays, or dental crowns. Once a cavity has extended into the inner areas, however, root canal therapy may be needed.

Although over the counter pain reducers can alleviate pain, they are not a substitute for handling the underlying problem of tooth pain. Dr. Ami has the skills and gentle hand to resolve dental issues when they are still minor. Don't wait! When a tooth hurts, contact us right away.

Anxiety over dental care does not have to stop you from keeping your mouth healthy. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible, and offer several options for sedation to help you get through treatment with ease.

Contact us today for your dental check-up, and discover ways to avoid root canal therapy.

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