Cavities may be the first step towards root canal treatment in Corona

Just the term "root canal" can cause a great deal of anxiety in patients of all ages because this procedure has earned the reputation as being uncomfortable or complex. In reality, there is nothing to fear about root canal treatment with your Corona dentist. This procedure is performed quite frequently, eliminating damaged pulp and root tissue from patients who are often in significant pain due to infection.

Root canal treatment is necessary and very beneficial for the restoration of comfort and function. Often, we find that treatment becomes necessary because of a cavity. Cavities are caused by oral bacteria that naturally live in the mouth. As enamel becomes weakened, a hole develops in the tooth. If the cavity is not detected and treated, bacteria progress into the inner area, the pulp chamber. Dental pulp and the pulp chamber are where blood supply and nerves reach the tooth from the root. When a cavity reaches this extent, root canal therapy is the ideal solution for the removal of infection and the preservation of natural tooth structure. After gently removing diseased tissue, the root canal of the tooth is sterilized, filled, and sealed so that bacteria cannot enter. The tooth is fitted with a temporary crown until a permanent crown is completed, and the patient is relieved of his or her pain. 

Dr. Ami and her associates understand that smaller dental issues such as cavities can lead to greater problems that require in-depth care. Our team offers gentle, effective care of infection when needed. We also encourage our patients to visit us every six months, sooner if there is any sign of pain. When cavities are treated early, the risk of infection in the pulp is significantly decreased. When regular dental visits are maintained, it may even be possible to prevent the cavities that can lead to infection.

We love helping our patients enjoy happy, healthy smiles. Our team can help you handle your various dental needs. Contact Absolute Dental for gentle, effective preventive care.


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