End the pain of an infected tooth

Many people continue to suffer the pain and misery of an infected tooth, rather than consider a root canal treatment. There is a common misconception that a root canal treatment is painful during and after the procedure. This is simply not true; it is an outdated perception from the rudimentary days of dentistry. With the advances in dental technology and anesthetics, the procedure is little different that having a tooth filled.

Under the enamel of your tooth is dentin, and in the middle of the dentin is the chamber and canals containing your tooth pulp. The pulp is comprised of nerves, arteries, veins, lymph vessels and connective tissue. When a fracture or decay causes inflammation or infection in the pulp, it can be damaged and even die. This causes an increase of the blood flow and natural antibody activity in the tooth. Pressure can build in the tooth that cannot be released, causing the pain and misery associated with a tooth infection.

Without root canal treatment, the infection will travel, and the bone supporting the tooth will begin to deteriorate. The pain will continue to worsen until the sufferer is driven to seek the help of a dentist. There are only two ways to stop this pain and misery – either a root canal treatment, or extraction. Tooth extraction brings its own set of problems, such as bone loss, and shifting of the adjacent teeth, saving your natural tooth should always be your first choice.

If you live in the Norco, Eastvale, Corona, Mira Loma, Fontana or Chino Hills area, you can relax. Dr. Ami Shah and associates, as well as their superb dental team are noted for their compassionate, gentle touch and individualized care. Whether you are seeking root canal treatment, emergency dentistry, or a cosmetic procedure, you will benefit from their focus on comfortable, conservative, affordable services delivered with excellence. Additionally, sedation is offered to ensure your wellbeing.

Call (951) 739 7770, send us an email to absolutedental08@yahoo.com , or stop by and schedule a consultation, we are conveniently located at 2641 Hamner Ave, Suite 101, in Norco. Stop the pain of an infected tooth, and gain a lifetime dental home and dental family!

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