Nitrous still an ideal form of sedation dentistry in our Eastvale area office

Dentists are aware of the reality of dental anxiety and offer sedation to alleviate apprehension. One of the first methods of sedation during dental procedures was nitrous oxide. This gas is delivered in conjunction with at least 30 percent oxygen, breathed in through a comfortable nasal mask worn throughout treatment. Nitrous has many names: happy gas, laughing gas, nitrous, inhalation sedation, and more. Used since the late 1700s, this form of sedation is still seen as nearly "ideal" in clinical settings.

Nitrous is a gas that has no odor or color. Many people report a pleasant taste when nitrous is used in dental treatment. It is quite fast acting, creating a higher pain resistance within mere minutes, and inducing a feeling of mild euphoria after about five minutes of breathing it. As a sedative, nitrous may cause a feeling of light-headedness, and some people find that they get the "giggles,” which is where the name "laughing gas" comes from.

What you can expect to feel under the effects of nitrous oxide Skilled in sedation dentistry, Dr. Ami creates a relaxing environment for our patients from Eastvale and surrounding areas. With nitrous oxide, various levels of sedation can be accomplished, depending on the concentration and duration of administration. These levels may be experienced as:

  • Slight light-headedness.
  • Tingling may occur in the arms or legs, or both. This may be experienced as a low vibration, called paresthesia.
  • A warming sensation.
  • Feelings of wellbeing and happiness. You may feel as though you are floating comfortably. As sedation deepens, some people's hearing dissolves into a low, constant hum.
  • Deeper sedation may cause sleepiness, and it may feel difficult to keep your eyes open.

Although nitrous, as with other forms of sedation, can cause you to doze off during dental treatment, this safe sedative wears off quickly and it can be adjusted to accommodate a lighter state of sedation if you wish. You will retain the ability to communicate with us under the effects of nitrous, and you are assured full comfort using local anesthetic, in addition to your sedative.

It is our goal that our patients are comfortable in their dental experiences with us. Contact us and arrange for sedation during your next dental visit.


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