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We live in a society in which appearance is incredibly important, affecting both our social and professional status. Beauty products abound, as do cosmetic treatments that rejuvenate the face and body. Although the body must age, we can maintain some amount of control over our personal appearance, sustaining a vital image by addressing key areas such as the smile.

In addition to the skin and hair, the smile is an integral part of our overall appearance. The way you feel about your smile will affect your level of confidence and, subsequently, your interactions with others in social and professional settings. Your teeth may be straight and otherwise healthy, but if they are discolored, you will look older. Just as with the color of our hair, the shade of teeth is a sign of age. The more dull and yellow teeth are, the older we look. Keeping teeth healthy with daily brushing and flossing helps avoid discoloration, but teeth whitening with the help of your Corona dentist can completely revitalize your smile.

Several avenues can be taken towards a brighter smile. Over the counter products can be highly appealing due to the fact that they are so readily accessible and seemingly affordable. These whiteners, however, are highly ineffective at producing long-lasting results. In order to remove deep-seated stains to achieve your best smile, professional whitening gel is ideal. By whitening your teeth under your dentist’s care, your dazzling smile can be safely sustained for up to three years, and even longer.

Dr. Ami Shah offers both in-office and at-home teeth whitening for your ultimate convenience. Our at-home whitening system can be integrated into your regular hygiene program easily and affordably if you take advantage of the Whitening for Life program. Taking part in this program is as easy as visiting your dentist every six months for routine check-ups and cleanings. At every six-month visit, you will receive a free tube of whitening gel to use at home with your customized whitening tray. As long as regular visits are maintained, this complimentary brightening benefit continues.

The brightness of our teeth is a major sign of age. You can revamp your smile and express your most vibrant self by taking part in the Whitening for Life program with Dr. Shah. Contact us for your tooth whitening appointment today.

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