Factors that lead to the need for teeth whitening in our Eastvale practice

Many people feel as though they simply wake up one day to find teeth are dull, yellow, and not as bright as they once were. Though teeth come in various shades of white, there is no reason to live with a smile that is not brilliant and full of life. Dr. Shah’s teeth whitening in the Eastvale area allows you to feel fully confident in the appearance of your smile.

Various factors can lead to the need for teeth whitening. The most common types of stains take years to develop, and affect the outer layers of enamel, called extrinsic stains. Some of the most recognizable causes of extrinsic stains include red wine, tea, or coffee. However, colas and even fruit juices can lead to discoloration over time, as can certain foods such as red berries or those high in tannins.

The use of tobacco products can also cause teeth to become yellow or brown, similar to the way they affect fingernails. Fortunately, the effects of foods, beverages, and discoloration from smoking or other tobacco use can be addressed with professional teeth whitening, leading to your best smile, all the time.

In addition to visiting Dr. Shah for our in-office, at-home, or whitening for life program, there are steps you can take to minimize the effects of stain-causing foods and beverages. One of the most effective is brushing after every meal or snack. Brushing is the only way to wash away the maximum amount of substances. When this is not possible, rinsing the mouth with water is recommended. Regular professional cleanings are also an effective way to keep enamel at its brightest.

The smile is first noticed by others - a part of you that is expressive and highly important to your sense of confidence. We offer both in-office and at-home options to suit your needs. By using professional-grade products, we accomplish what commercial whiteners cannot, and restore your smile to its most vibrant state. Don't let stains steal your attractive smile! Contact us to arrange your professional teeth whitening and stop worrying about a discolored smile.

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