Your choice in teeth whitening options in the Eastvale area really does matter

Our smile is important to our overall appearance. With the mouth taking center stage on the face, the smile is one of the very first things noticed. In recent years, research has been ongoing to determine the value of a healthy, attractive smile, with respondents to one poll reporting they would remember a person with a nice smile.

In our society, we place a great deal of value on appearance. Fortunately, improving your image may be as simple as correcting certain aspects about your smile that are causing problems. The brightness of our teeth is seen as more than a sign of youth. Studies show that we view a shiny, white smile as healthy, friendly, and even motivated. Hence, the appearance of the smile is integral to social and professional success.

To enhance your smile, teeth whitening may be all that is necessary. We offer a few options in our office near Eastvale, allowing more people to benefit from professional care. Most commonly, patients first try commercial products, and typically fine them ineffective. Commercial whiteners look good, seem convenient, and are immediately affordable. The pastes and strips that you find at your local store, however, will lift only those stains that reside on the very surface of teeth. The results would be very much like what you would experience with your routine teeth cleaning.

Of the various options for teeth whitening available today, the at-home whitening trays designed to fit your teeth is still one of the most convenient and effective. This method, the original developed in dentistry, places high-powered whitening gel against the teeth, where it remains for a short time. Worn every day for about ten days, this teeth-whitening system produces rejuvenating results that last for several months.

Dr. Ami understands the value of an attractive smile. At Absolute Dental, we want to make it as easy as possible for our patients to enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles. Our Whitening for Life Program is available as a service to all of our patients maintaining ongoing preventative care. Taking care of your teeth and gums deserves reward, and our teeth-whitening program does just that.

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