The at-home teeth whitening procedure from your Corona dentist gets the job done

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether you are being snapped for a photograph or simply going about your day, your smile does just as much talking. The smile communicates our positive feelings to others. Our teeth are also visible when we laugh and speak. With this kind of exposure, the appearance of our teeth can either lead us to smile as much as we would like, or to hide our joy for fear of showing unattractive teeth.

Dr. Ami and her associates at Absolute Dental have solutions for the various cosmetic problems that may keep you from feeling fully confident in your smile. Teeth whitening is a procedure that is quick and simple, yet has transforming effects on the smile, taking years off the face. Our teeth whitening services are tailored to meet the needs of our patients, each of whom may benefit most from a specific procedure designed in our office near Corona.

There are sometimes instances in which the smile needs to be boosted right away, perhaps before a big professional event or social gathering. In a quick visit to our office, years of stains can be lifted in a single procedure. In-office whitening applies powerful whitening gel to the teeth. A light is then shone on the gel, activating its whitening properties. As the gel seeps into the enamel, stains are broken up and teeth are noticeably lighter in minutes. Depending on the degree of stain lifting that is desired, this process might be repeated in the same visit one or more times. After such dramatic lifting in a short amount of time, temporary sensitivity may occur.

At-home teeth whitening is an ideal way to get a brighter, younger looking smile. The original form of teeth whitening, the home use of custom-fitted trays has remained one of the most effective forms of whitening to date. To begin treatment, we take impressions that will give us a model of your teeth. Strong plastic trays are fabricated in the dental lab and returned to our office in just a few weeks, at which time patients will be given the trays and an adequate supply of professional whitening gel. The whitening gel provided by your dentist is far superior to what is available at the store, and the nightly wear of this solution in fitted trays leads to phenomenal results simply not possible with commercial whitening products.

We want our patients to have healthy, attractive smiles that serve them well in all areas. Maintaining regular dental visits at Absolute Dental comes with the advantage of a lifetime whitening program. After joining our Whitening for Life program, patients receive a new supply of whitening gel at every six-month checkup. This way, the smile always looks its best.

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