Understanding the teeth whitening systems available in Corona helps you get the results you want

We may take various steps to create an image in which we feel comfortable. On the face, the smile is one of the most important features. Bright smiles speak friendliness and warmth. They are perceived as open, sincere, even successful. You may be surprised to learn the power of a beautiful smile, but when you do, you will understand why knowledge about the various teeth whitening systems offered in Corona and across the country is important.

Many people who notice their teeth have lost that brilliant white glow seek products or treatment to regain what has been lost. There are so many types of teeth whitening treatments available today that one may have difficulty choosing which system is best for their needs. 

"Teeth whitening" is actually quite a broad term. It is what we think the dentist does, and what we think many commercial products accomplish. The term teeth whitening, however, is within FDA guidelines for marketing any product that polishes the teeth. Toothpaste can claim to whiten teeth because it contains tiny abrasives that are rough against the teeth, thereby polishing them. 

Commercial whitening strips fall into the same category as professional dental treatment, which is technically "teeth bleaching." The difference, however, is that commercial products must remain within specific guidelines for safe, unsupervised use. In order to be safe for all types of people in various dental conditions, commercial whiteners contain low concentrations of carbamide peroxide, weakening results.

Teeth become discolored through years of consumption of stain-causing foods. To brighten the smile significantly takes professional grade gel only available from your dentist. At Absolute Dental, we offer our patients two ways to brighten their smiles, as well as the Whitening for Life program to maintain results.

Teeth whitening is an investment into your smile from which you want to see rewards. Working with Dr. Ami and her associates, your smile can shine like never before. Contact us today for your consultation.

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