Traditional braces from your Corona area dentist carry specific benefits

Orthodontic treatment has always been a bit tricky, with many teens and adults apprehensive about the impact metal brackets and wires will have on their smiles. Over time, innovative new treatments have been developed, offering patients more options for straightening teeth. When consulting with patients about orthodontic treatment, Dr. Ami Shah is careful to explain the benefits and drawbacks of each type of treatment. Although they seem appealing due to the aesthetic factor, invisible aligner braces are actually not ideal for every situation. Sometimes, traditional braces are most suitable. In a consultation with Dr. Ami in our office near Corona, you can discover your best teeth straightening option.

Why traditional braces

In recent decades, great new teeth straightening treatments have been developed, prompting a rush for quick, discreet smile transformation. Though aligner braces do offer a number of benefits, several advantages to traditional bracket-and-wire braces make this an ideal treatment option for many people. In the years that traditional orthodontics has been studied, this method has been proven comprehensive enough to treat all types of orthodontic problems. Extensive movement for bite correction may not be possible with aligner braces. The movement of molars and small teeth, as well, can be challenging. With traditional braces, a lot is possible, including:

  • Spacing problems
  • Overcrowding, even if teeth are overlapped
  • Protrusion of a tooth or teeth
  • Bite problems, even moderate to severe overbite, under bite, open-bite, and cross bite

The advantages of traditional braces extend beyond what they will do for the look of the smile, and for oral health. With traditional braces, it is possible to complete treatment in the same or less time than is possible with aligner braces. Metal brackets and wires are very durable, and are cemented to teeth for a strong bond. This design is not likely to be damaged or broken, nor is there a risk that an appliance will be misplaced or lost.

Orthodontic treatment is specifically intended to move teeth into proper alignment. Whether with traditional braces or a system like Invisalign, the result is what matters most. Dr. Ami is experienced in treating misalignment for optimal results.

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