The various types of gum disease treated in our Eastvale area practice pose a threat to overall health

Medical research into the various health conditions we face in today’s world has paved the way towards innovative new treatments, as well as greater understanding of the possible causes of disease. We now know that one of the primary triggers of conditions such as cardiovascular disease is low-grade inflammation throughout the body. Further research is ongoing, investigating the role of periodontal disease, or gum disease, in the development of this inflammation and its effects on our overall health.

Inflammation is caused in part by chronic infection. In the mouth, gum disease would be called just that, a persistent, constant state of infection. This condition does not affect only the mouth. When faced with chronic infection, the body’s natural inflammatory response kicks into high gear. Constantly attempting to fight off the infection in the mouth, the body remains in a state of low-grade inflammation for months, or years. Because gum disease can trigger this chronic inflammation, this dental condition has been linked to serious health risks such as heart attack.

In recent years, several studies have been done to investigate the true consequences of gum disease. In one 8-year study, conducted by the Scottish Health Survey, participants brushing habits were closely monitored. This study included more than ten thousand participants, who were also monitored for cardiac events as well as oral health. Those who reported irregular brushing or rarely brushing were shown to have an increase in inflammation markers, which indicate a higher risk of a coronary event. During the time of the study, cardiovascular disease affected 555 participants. Of these cardiac events, most of which were tied to coronary heart disease, 170 were fatal.

Gum disease is essentially inflammation. This dental problem weakens the connective tissues that support strong teeth, deteriorates bone tissue in the jaw, and leads to chronic inflammation in the body. At Absolute Dental, we offer various types of treatment to handle gum disease successfully. If you live in the Eastvale or Corona area, we can help you avoid the severe consequences of gum disease with preventative and restorative care tailored to your needs.

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