Top Myths About Tooth Extraction

Top Myths About Tooth Extraction

When most people think of tooth extractions, they imagine a painful and terrifying experience that leaves one with a lot of physical trauma. Thankfully, the modern tooth extraction process is not nearly as exaggerated as many common myths make it out to be. The real procedure is quite simple and performed with ease. Below, we look at the top myths about tooth extraction.

Top Myths About Tooth Extraction

However, these misconceptions can cause people to avoid necessary dental care, which has negative effects on overall oral health. It’s important to learn the truth so you can best care for your teeth. Today, your trusted dentist in Norco explains some of the top myths about tooth extraction to quell your fears about this easier-than-you-think procedure.

Myth #1: The Procedure is Painful

Any uneducated account of tooth extraction will fill your head with horrifying images of a painful tooth extraction process. Our dentists couldn’t be happier to announce that the procedure is actually very pain-free! While it is understandable to fear pain as the biggest issue with this treatment, sedation dentistry is used to ensure that the patient feels no pain throughout the whole procedure.

Myth #2: Extraction is the Best Option

A damaged, broken, or infected tooth can be treated in a variety of ways. But no matter how severe the injury is, your dentists will try what they can to save your teeth before resorting to extraction. Your dental professionals will try to preserve your tooth through a root canal procedure, cavity filling, or partial extraction. Only when it is clear that your tooth cannot be saved will full removal become necessary.

Myth #3: Replacement is Not Necessary

Once a tooth is pulled, it isn’t the end of your dental care needs. People might tell you that it isn’t necessary to replace an extracted tooth, but the truth is that you are putting your mouth at risk when you have a gap between your teeth. This makes it easier for bacteria and infections to grow inside your mouth. If you have had a tooth pulled, you should look into restorative dentistry options to replace your missing tooth.

Myth #4: Recovery Takes Forever

Most normal tooth extractions take only a few days for recovery. Common myths will have you believe that it can take months to heal from this painful treatment. Not only will you find it to be a quick and painless in-office procedure, but you will be happy to find out that the healing process is pretty quick too. Just make sure to follow the aftercare instructions your dentist gave you! This will ensure that you recover with the best results.

Myth #5: Tooth Extractions Hurt Your Eyes

Some people believe that extracting teeth from the upper part of your mouth can affect your vision due to the swelling that occurs above the lip. Swelling from a tooth extraction cannot grow so large that it will block sight from your eyes. If you do experience major pain or swelling weeks after a simple procedure, you may want to contact the emergency room right away. There should be no correlation between tooth extraction and problems with your vision apart from swelling.

Find the Best Tooth Extraction Option for You

Hopefully, by busting some of the most common myths about tooth extractions, you will understand that there is nothing to fear about this popular dental treatment method. You can find out more about the best options for quick and pain-free tooth extraction in Norco when you get in touch with our Absolute Family Dentistry specialists today.

Whether your tooth has sustained a physical injury or you are suffering from the symptoms of a growing infection, there are many treatment options available. Call us today to learn more!

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