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What Can You Eat with Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a useful facet of dentistry that can restore the appearance of a tooth that has been damaged or cast into disrepair. A relatively lowly invasive procedure, they have the potential to give a patient a restored smile. Below, we look at what can you eat with dental … Read more

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Best Age to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the molars in the very back of your mouth that do not appear until later in life. For most people, wisdom teeth do not erupt above the surface until the teenage or early adult years. Once they start to grow, they can cause issues like pain and … Read more

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Top Myths About Tooth Extraction

When most people think of tooth extractions, they imagine a painful and terrifying experience that leaves one with a lot of physical trauma. Thankfully, the modern tooth extraction process is not nearly as exaggerated as many common myths make it out to be. The real procedure is quite simple and … Read more

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Top 6 Ways to Prepare for a Dental Exam

Routine dental exams are an essential part of your oral health. Routine exams are preventative as they ensure that your dentist finds any potential oral health issues early on. Most patients get regular checkups every six months. However, those with a history of tooth decay or gum disease need to … Read more

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